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Into 2017 & Reddcoin nearly 3 years old

This article, written in the run up to Reddcoin’s third birthday (26 January), first appeared in issue 35 of the Reddheads newsletter, published on 20 January 2017.

The year 2016 was when Reddcoin came back from the brink, largely thanks to the efforts of community-member-turned-lead-dev @gnasher, who pulled a superhuman effort to rebase Reddcoin on the Bitcoin codebase, to leave behind its Litecoin roots. It is worth noting that only a handful of Litecoin-based cryptocurrencies have managed this feat.

In anticipation of Reddcoin 2.0 the market value of Reddcoin went up sixfold in the first three months of the year, coming to a lower stable period for most of the rest of the year. Most recently, at the end of 2016 a devaluation of Reddcoin occurred due to its delisting from cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. But the project itself remains completely unchanged and the Core Team is more dedicated than ever.

With the release of Reddcoin 2.0 in August 2016 came the prospect of activating the BIP-66 soft fork. At the moment of writing the percentage of coins being staked (securing the blockchain) through the 2.0 release is hovering just under the threshold of 85%. Surely it will not be long before BIP-66 activates and Reddcoin makes the next step forward in its evolution.



At the end of September 2016 the Reddcoin Roadmap for the rest of the year and 2017 was published. Redd-ID, Electrum, tipping functionality and PoSV 2.0 – there is plenty being achieved and in the works. Now that we are three weeks into 2017, expect some major releases soon.

Redd-ID – the Reddcoin name and social identity management system – is currently running through command line interface on testnet, with a UI release imminent. Speaking with John this morning he said that, “Redd-ID is progressing really well. I’m happy with development and really excited to be getting the UI together. In a few weeks an invitation will be made to the community to come and test it out.”

To build the foundation for the Electrum network and pave the way for upcoming light clients and mobile wallets, several Electrum nodes are currently being set up and launched by community members.


New communication channels

To open up the project to community members who would like to do something concrete to support and to devs who would also like to work on Reddcoin, @gnasher has opened two new Slack channels: Reddcoin Inner Circle ( and Reddcoin Developers ( Community members and devs interested in joining these Slacks are invited to head to (Inner Circle) and (Developers).


Reddheads official HQ

In November 2016 readers of this newsletter and learned about steps being made to develop the website as a general crypto media outlet. Reddheads now has an official HQ in Brussels, Belgium, and in 2017 the website will continue to provide a wide variety of content on everything crypto. Watch this space for interviews, articles and reports on industry events… plus a whole lot of news about Reddcoin of course!


New team members

Throughout 2015 the active Reddcoin Core team was reduced until there were only three people communicating about the future of the project. In 2016 the situation was turned around as several others came on board to help with various aspects of the project. Notably long-term community members @Didi and @bmp02050 spent many hours stress-testing Reddcoin 2.0 before its public release. Community member @Deadpool joined the Reddcoin Team and helped draft the Roadmap.

The latest addition welcomed to the Reddcoin team is @Pixelbin, who brings to the table a wealth of experience in website design and development, server management and marketing. @Pixelbin writes code in PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular and React; in his spare time he is learning Python.

Cryptocollider Reddsurrection flyer

Cryptocollider launches Reddsurrection!

To celebrate Reddcoin’s third birthday, the creative and enthusiastic team behind the pioneering skill-based blockchain trading game Cryptocollider is running a Reddcoin tournament from 21 to 31 January 2017! There is a 10 Million ReddCoin Prize Pool that grows with each game. Head over to Cryptocollider and get ready to roll!