Call for Reddcoin Electrum testers

Electrum Reddcoin

On Friday 4 November @Gnasher made his bi-weekly update to the Reddcoin community.

Redd-ID is in operation on testnet and work continues on an API and a GUI.

Broken elements in the original version of the Electrum client have been fixed. Plugin functionality has been restored and the new version also implements BIP44-registered coin types.

BIP44 allows for a master node (seed) to be used for any number of independent cryptocurrencies; although there is currently no project underway to make use of this feature, supporting it in the client future-proofs the system in this respect. Reddcoin is registered in the SLIP-0044 document (index 4).

The updated Electrum client (v2.0.0) is soon to deploy as a release candidate. @Gnasher is calling for testers to register for this release.

The Reddcoin Electrum server code is up to date with the latest Bitcoin release. Those interested in running a server are invited to make contact with @Gnasher.

To find out more about the above and about how Redd-ID will be launched, as well as an update on BIP66 progress and other news, read the full bi-weekly Reddcoin update here.