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Coinfest 2017 kicks off

A series of cryptocurrency meetups and events is taking place this week (3-9 April) as Coinfest 2017 kicks off. People and organisations from all over the world are participating in “The decentralized convention for decentralized currency”.

Since it began in 2013 as a Bitcoin meetup at the Waves Coffee House in Vancouver, the Coinfest movement has spread to become a collection of diverse global conferences and festivals. At a time now when blockchain and cryptocurrency industry events can set visitors back anywhere up to $1000 or more on ticket costs, as a way to encourage the mainstream public to attend all Coinfest events are free.

The future goal is for Coinfest to become a self-sustaining, decentralised convention. From the Coinfest website:

“No matter how big it gets, the founder hopes to always maintain the fun and inclusive nature of CoinFest. As its spirit and vision become cemented, the founder hopes to further decentralize CoinFest, gradually reducing his role until his guidance becomes obsolete. CoinFest will inevitably turn into a decentralized autonomous organization, to which the founder will grant ownership of, .org, .net, etc.; various organizers holding additional CoinFest domain names or other assets are expected to do the same. The authority of the lead organizer will be gradually eroded as the functionality of the CoinFest DAO improves, until CoinFest is left truly uncontrolled or owned by anyone. Representatives and important decisions will be decided by vote on the blockchain, and representatives’ admin powers can be revoked at any time.”


Coinfest 2017 line-up

Previous years have seen incredible diversity in the range of gatherings and activities that make up Coinfest, with events being held in the UK, Chile, Ghana, China, the Netherlands, the United States, Switzerland, Finland, Botswana, Colombia and many other countries.

In 2017 the line-up sees diverse local events accompanied by international talks streamed online and on radio. Local events will take place in Amsterdam and Arnhem (Netherlands), Austin and Orange County (United States), Manchester (UK), Tamale (Ghana), Vancouver (Canada), Lagos (Nigeria), Freetown (Sierra Leone).

Presentations on Bitcoin and crypto, raffles and giveaways, games, food and drink, festivities, and even a virtual reality block explorer are all on the menu. For more information about what is going on where readers should check out the schedule on the Coinfest website, but Reddheads has got a couple of extra info points for readers straight from the organiser! Added to the activities:

  • There is an event in Chile organised by the founder of the Fort Galt community, which will be held in the Bitcoin-friendly town of Valdivia.
  • “Botswana Bitcoin lady” Alakanani Itirleng is hosting the Botswana event at her Bitcoin and blockhain education institute the Satoshi Centre, in the capital city Gaborone.

International Hangout

The online blockchain technology talk show Blocktalk is hosting the 2017 International Hangout on 7 April from 6 to 10 pm GMT. The Hangout will be accessible to viewers with a broadcast link from the Blocktalk Youtube channel and also to attendees at the Vancouver and Manchester events.

The Hangout schedule (which includes a presentation on Reddcoin by John Nash) has already been published on Reddheads here; readers can also check out the schedule on the Coinfest website.

Following the Hangout, on 8 April (3-4 am GMT) the chat continues on New Africa Radio, a project by the organiser of Coinfest Orange County, Tim Tayshun.

On 10 April the final Coinfest broadcast will take place on The Crypto Show, a radio programme based in Austin, Texas. All Coinfest organisers will take part to discuss how everything went with their events.

If you can’t make it to a local Coinfest event, tune in to the online / radio shows to take part!

Want to start your own Coinfest?

Although Coinfest 2017 is just around the corner, with the increasing mainstream attention that cryptocurrency is attracting the event is sure to keep growing for the foreseeable future. If you would like to get involved with Coinfest by organising your own Coinfest event, by sponsoring the activities or simply by lending a hand in a practical way, you can find out more about how to do so on the Coinfest website.