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Ethereum EDCON approaches – meetups and workshops already happening

EDCON-Ethereum Sun

In the run up to the EDCON Ethereum conference happening in Paris this Friday and Saturday, workshops and meetups are already happening as attendees arrive early to make the most of the teams, devs and startups already setting up for the big weekend in the French capital city. Alongside the organiser of EDCON, LinkTime Tech, some of the main groups involved in organising some of these events include Ethereum France (Ethereum Association – ASSETH), La Chaintech (Blockchain Association) and Blockchain France.

Read on for a résumé of activities. A map showing venues is at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday 15 February

Oraclize workshop

From 6 to 9 pm at La Paillasse, 226 rue Saint Denis, 75002, Paris

Asseth welcomes you to a workshop on Oraclize’s solution to bring external data on Ethereum. This workshop will consist in a presentation of Oraclize by the CEO Thomas Bertani and will be followed by a hands on code session in solidity with support in French and English.

Chaintech - Ethereum

Thursday 16 February

Ethereum Starups Meetup

From 5.45 to 8 pm at ESCP Europe, 79 av de la Republique, 75011, Paris

*Limited places available. You must be registered to attend*

Presenting exciting new Ethereum projects, getting feedback and questions, and providing visibility for the most recent and promising initiatives. There will be presentations and discussions around speakers’ projects followed with some time to network with food and drink. A surprise is also planned!

Please register to this meetup if you are planning on attending as ESCP Europe needs the list of the attendees the day before the meetup for security purposes.

*Disclaimer* There will be no presentation such as “What is Blockchain?” or “What is Ethereum?”. The purpose of the evening is to discover real projects that take advantage of the technology.

The meetup will be held in English, regarding the diversity of the expected audience.


5.45 p.m – Welcome & Animation

6.00 – A word from the president – The ChainTech mission, by Alexandre STACHTCHENKO

6.05 – A word from the Sponsor, Blockchain France, by Claire BALVA

6.10 – by Albin CAUDERLIER – Ethereum x shares management

6.20 – by Ryno MATHEE – Ethereum x ticketing

6.30 – Orion by Sajida ZOUARHI – Ethereum x Pokemon Go

6.40 – Etherplay by Erwan SANDFORD – Ethereum x Video Games

6.50 – Aragon by Jorge IZQUIERDO – Ethereum x Companies management

7.00 – Fundchain by Pierre GERARD – Ethereum x Asset management

7.10 – Forest as a DAO by Xavier LAVAYSSIERE  – Ethereum x forest, art

7.20 – Matchpool by Yonatan BEN SHIMON – Ethereum x matchmaking

7.30-8.00 pm – Networking & Cocktail offered by Blockchain France

ASSETH - Ethereum

“Computation Above and Beyond the Blockchain” Panel Discussion

From 8 to 10 pm at ESCP Europe (following the Ethereum Startups Meetup in the same location)

Asseth welcomes you to a panel discussion on the theme “Computation Above and Beyond the Blockchain” followed by food and drinks. This event will consist in 10-minute talks from each panel attendee followed by a discussion with the audience on the theme.

Panel attendees:

  • iExec (Gilles Fedak)
  • Oraclize (Thomas Bertani)
  • Golem (Grzegorz Borowik)
  • Decentralized Court (Clément Lesaege

The last talk by Decentralized Court will be “Computational results on the blockchain, beyond gas limit!”. Computations on the blockchain are costly and limited by the gas limit. Could we make most of the computation off chain and only use the blockchain as a computational judge when something goes wrong? This would allow decentralized applications to use machine learning and optimization tools.

EDCON - Ethereum

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 February


To see the full line-up of speakers and a detailed schedule of all events visit the main section of the EDCON website.

See you in Paris!