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    Reddcoin 2.0’s soft fork activates

    On 28 January 2017 and with block #1564142, Reddcoin reached the threshold required for the activation of the BIP66 soft fork that the network has been moving towards. All Reddcoin users who stake Reddcoin must [...]
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    Into 2017 & Reddcoin nearly 3 years old

    This article, written in the run up to Reddcoin’s third birthday (26 January), first appeared in issue 35 of the Reddheads newsletter, published on 20 January 2017. The year 2016 was when Reddcoin came back from [...]
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    As Reddcoin’s third birthday gets closer (26 January) the community is gearing up for the celebrations. The creative and enthusiastic team behind the pioneering skill-based blockchain trading game Cryptocollider is running a Reddcoin tournament from [...]
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    US election – buy or sell Bitcoin?

    Reddheads.com does not provide investment or trading advice. The following article resumes opinions from other sources about the possible effect of the US election on the price of Bitcoin and other assets. Readers are 100% [...]


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