• reddcoin-nation.1

    State of the Redd-Nation

    This article was first published on 1 June 2016 in the Reddheads newsletter. It consists of a summary of posts made by Reddcoin dev @gnasher during the month of May. Reddcoin v2.0 Testing has progressed [...]
  • European Parliament Altiero Spinelli building

    Bitcoin – EU legislation in focus

    This article was first published on 1 May in the Reddheads newsletter April 2016 was a time of intense discussion and debate at the offices of the European Parliament in Brussels, as EU Commission officials, [...]
  • Wright-Bitcoin

    Craig Wright to move Satoshi’s Bitcoin

    The latest twist in the extraordinary tale of the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto has just become public knowledge today. Craig Wright, the Australian entrepreneur and computer scientist who resolutely claims to be [...]
  • Reddcoin Chinese exchange

    Reddcoin – two new exchanges

    On 29 and 30 April @gnasher released statements announcing the addition of Reddcoin to Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges Gobiw and Btc023. The statements follow below. For Immediate Release: 29 April 2016 Gobiw launches Reddcoin into the [...]
  • bitcoin pull request

    Bitcoin – Segwit submitted

    Perhaps the most significant upgrade to the Bitcoin Core protocol ever was submitted to the Bitcoin Github as pull request 7910, by Core dev Dr Pieter Wuille, three days ago. In the current climate of concern [...]

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