• Monero

    Is Monero what cryptocurrency was supposed to be?

    It is not often that an altcoin is honoured with compliments such as “Customers are demanding the Bitcoin alternative”, “It’s taking over Bitcoin’s User Base” and “What Bitcoin was supposed to be”, but if you [...]
  • reddcoin-interview

    Talking with Reddcoin lead John Nash

    This interview first appeared in the Reddheads newsletter published on Friday 2 September 2016 One of the traditions that built up in the earlier stages of the Reddheads.com newsletter’s history was a series of interviews with [...]
  • reddcoin street

    Redd-Nation 27/8/2016 – Reddcoin dev news

    This week Reddcoin lead @gnasher updated the Reddcoin community with the news that the steady climb towards the 85% threshold for BIP66 continues, with approximately 60% of blocks generated by the network following the new [...]
  • bitcoin-reddcoin

    Reddcoin closing in on BIP66

    Around ten days ago Reddcoin lead John Nash (@gnasher) announced the release of Reddcoin v2.0 to the community. Since then there has been a steady uptake of the new wallet, which breaks from the past [...]
  • reddcoin-version-2

    Reddcoin version 2.0 released

    The Reddcoin community is celebrating a new wallet as Reddcoin lead dev @gnasher has announced the much-anticipated release of Reddcoin v2.0. This release marks a major milestone in the history of Reddcoin, as the cryptocurrency [...]

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