• buysellbitcoin

    US election – buy or sell Bitcoin?

    Reddheads.com does not provide investment or trading advice. The following article resumes opinions from other sources about the possible effect of the US election on the price of Bitcoin and other assets. Readers are 100% [...]
  • Electrum Reddcoin

    Call for Reddcoin Electrum testers

    On Friday 4 November @Gnasher made his bi-weekly update to the Reddcoin community. Redd-ID is in operation on testnet and work continues on an API and a GUI. Broken elements in the original version of [...]
  • reddheads

    Reddheads – Independent Crypto News

    This article was first published as part of the Reddheads newsletter issue 34. Building a new crypto media outlet Earlier this year I explained to readers of the newsletter, redditors at r/reddcoin and community members [...]
  • crypto-capital

    Where to find the crypto-capital of the world?

    As a stateless, borderless and decentralised cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has drawn the attention of regulators from different countries as they grapple to define a new paradigm in money. At stake is not just the ability to block [...]
  • doge-money

    Dogecoin – such story!

    Today reddheads.com readers are really lucky to get some insight into Dogecoin, one of the most famous altcoins to have blasted into crypto-consciousness in the heady first half of 2014, a time when shibes weren’t just [...]

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