• reddcoin news

    Redd-ID, Bitsquare… Reddcoin news this week

    In updates made by Reddcoin lead dev @Gnasher during the week of 17 October 2016, the Reddcoin community learned about progress with the next upcoming milestone on the Reddcoin roadmap – Redd-ID – as well [...]
  • reddcoin lebowski

    Bitcoin Dood interviews @Gnasher

    This interview with John Nash (@Gnasher) of Reddcoin is republished with the kind permission of Bitcoin Dood. It was originally published on the Bitcoin Dood blog on 10 October 2016. BitcoinDood Thanks for taking the [...]
  • Reddcoin Redd-ID

    Reddcoin identity system Redd-ID coming soon

    Following the publication of the Reddcoin Roadmap on 30 September 2016, work continues on the next milestone: Redd-ID. Forming the backbone of a blockchain-based identity-management system, Redd-ID is a fundamental concept to the social currency. [...]

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