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    Coinfest 2017 kicks off

    A series of cryptocurrency meetups and events is taking place this week (3-9 April) as Coinfest 2017 kicks off. People and organisations from all over the world are participating in “The decentralized convention for decentralized [...]
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    Reddcoin to be presented at Coinfest 2017

    On 7 and 8 April 2017 CoinfestUK opens its doors at the Manchester Conference Centre in the UK. will be attending the event on 7 April. CoinfestUK is part of the wider International Coinfest annual [...]
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    Reddcoin Redd-ID Tip Interface preview

    Reddcoin lead dev John Nash has just completed the second in a series of videos being put together to showcase and explain components and features of Redd-ID, as the service is being built. The second [...]
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    Coinfest UK 2017 – schedule and interview

    As cryptocurrency continues to move into the public eye in 2017, is attending industry events and conferences to bring news of local events to the wider public. On 7 and 8 April, Coinfest UK [...]
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    BASF – Badly Activated Soft Fork for Bitcoin?

    For the past month has been reporting on the scaling crisis that threatens to overwhelm Bitcoin. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the integrity of the Bitcoin blockchain is at stake. A split in [...]



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