Reddcoin 2.0’s soft fork activates

On 28 January 2017 and with block #1564142, Reddcoin reached the threshold required for the activation of the BIP66 soft fork that the network has been moving towards. All Reddcoin users who stake Reddcoin must now run v2.0, as blocks generated by prior versions of Reddcoin are now no longer valid, meaning that no staking rewards will be earned by those on pre-v2.0 software.

It is important however to note that this is not a hard fork – transactions are still valid from pre-v2.0 versions of Reddcoin and there is still only one blockchain – not two! 😉

V2.0 of Reddcoin Core was released on Github on 5 August 2016. A complete rebuild based on Bitcoin 0.9, all changes up to Bitcoin 0.9.5 are included in the software. The major upgrade sets the foundation for future development, as Reddcoin can now benefit from Bitcoin development as well as its own unique feature-development.

Part of the code brought to Reddcoin from Bitcoin for the v2.0 release was Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 66 (BIP66) soft fork. This Bitcoin upgrade increases security by enforcing strict rules about how transaction signatures are encoded, thereby strengthening the network against possible consensus issues and dealing with a particular possible attack vector.

With the activation of BIP66 the Reddcoin community has proved itself to be active and alert to news and development by the Core team, led by @gnasher. The uptake of Reddcoin v2.0 was sure and steady, leading to achievement of the activation threshold of 85% of blocks being generated by v2.0 over previous versions.

reddcoin bip66 graph