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Reddcoin Redd-ID Tip Interface preview

Reddcoin lead dev John Nash has just completed the second in a series of videos being put together to showcase and explain components and features of Redd-ID, as the service is being built.

The second video focuses on the Redd-ID tip interface, which will bring integration with social networks into a seamless user experience.

For those who have not been following the story of Reddcoin, Redd-ID is a decentralised, blockchain-based protocol that provides a platform for micro-transactions based on social network identities.

From the Redd-ID info portal (currently under development):

“Redd-ID is maintained on a global network of computers, much the same as Reddcoin or Bitcoin. Collectively the network holds and maintains a global registry of social identity and public keys on its own blockchain (sidechain).

The Redd-ID global registry contains each owner’s key/value pairs that are associated for each social media identity. The registry can be queried to identify and resolve recipients (akin to a global address book). Users of the registry can opt to make any of their information public or private.”