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Reddcoin Redd-ID video preview released

Reddcoin redd-id

A preview of the Reddcoin Redd-ID browser extension was published recently by Reddcoin lead dev John Nash:

In a post to the Reddcoin community today, @gnasher writes that:

“As a progress update, we have created and posted a short (2:45 min) video of what we have been doing. You can find it either on:

There is a tool in place to create versions of the video in multiple languages, as John explains:

“We have the script for creating captions, or alternate voice-overs.”

The post, published on Reddcointalk, then goes on to explain what is in store next for Redd-ID:

“The next step in our development is to integrate the extension with the various social network platforms.

All the pieces are now finally coming together, and are being tested. Alongside this, we are working on an information portal.” can quote some of the content from the upcoming information portal itself:

“Redd-ID is a decentralised, blockchain based protocol for providing a platform for micro-transactions and sharing social identity.

Redd-ID is maintained on a global network of computers, much the same as Reddcoin (or Bitcoin). Collectively the network holds and maintains a global registry of social identity and public keys on its own blockchain (sidechain).

The Redd-ID global registry contains each owner’s key/value pairs that are associated for each social media identity. The registry can be queried to identify and resolve recipients (akin to a global address book). Users of the registry can opt to make any of their information public or private.

  • Redd-ID provides:

    • Self-managed – 100% control over identification and funds

    • Decentralized – trust in the network

    • Social Identity – bringing real people together”

Reddcoin Redd-ID preview #1

The new preview video itself shows particular functionality of the upcoming Redd-ID browser extension, particularly the way in which IDs are registered on the blockchain.

reddcoin redd-id register

As a bonus bit of info, Reddheads is happy to inform readers that the new preview video is the first in what will become a series of videos looking into each Redd-ID function, with a view to educating users on the full range of features available.

Happy viewing!