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This article was first published as part of the Reddheads newsletter issue 34.

Building a new crypto media outlet

Earlier this year I explained to readers of the newsletter, redditors at r/reddcoin and community members at that I was expanding the scope of reporting on to cover wider cryptocurrency news. I was inspired to do this following conversation with @gnasher and others regarding the lack of collaboration and community spirit that is all too often evident among crypto-communities.
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Since that time I have been working regularly to meet some of the goals set earlier in the year, namely:

  • Increased rhythm of content publication: Over the past months an increasing number of news items and articles have been published on the website, covering a wide range of general and specific cryptocurrency news. You can find links to some of the recent articles on the homepage.
  • Interviews: As the website progresses to provide information about diverse crypto projects there is a lot to learn. Often the best way to provide accurate information is to conduct interviews with devs or long-term community members. Here is a link to the latest interview: Dogecoin – such story!
  • Translations: Reddcoin news and updates continue to be translated into French and published on the French-language version of the website, by @deadpool.
  • Contributions from guest writers: A collaborative effort with a third-party content creator and content submitted by some of the other members of the Reddcoin team are to be followed by increased activity in this area.
  • Representation at industry events: Earlier this year attended and reported on a digital currency event hosted at the European Parliament Altiero Spinelli Building in Brussels.

Alongside this activity the design of the website is steadily being developed and some initial SEO work has been carried out. Coming up by the end of 2016:

  • Reddcoin team page
  • Reddheads team page with author biographies
  • Social media development

reddheads office

Office space

As activity on the website has increased, Reddheads now has an official head office and postal address located in Brussels, Belgium.

Subscribers may remember seeing at the bottom of the Reddheads newsletter an address in London (for the now defunct Reddcoin Ltd). This was a virtual office address set up by @laudney; the new address displayed at the bottom of the newsletter (and under the contact form) is real office space that is now the headquarters of Having a real physical location from which Reddheads is run is an important step as the media outlet continues to grow and mature. In 2017 I will assess the possibility of developing a core editorial team to work from the office.


Call for submissions

The physical office and postal address is the headquarters of Reddheads but to succeed as an online media outlet the site aims to engage with writers from anywhere in the world. is a cryptocurrency news website and as such welcomes submissions on any subject related to any particular cryptocurrency / blockchain project or more generally to all cryptocurrencies. also welcomes submissions from members of crypto projects who wish to get information about their projects to a wide audience. Anyone interested in submitting writing for publication is invited first to make contact using the form on the website, in order to receive a list of requirements for

Vision is an independent, user-centred media outlet publishing news and articles about cryptocurrency. The ethos: good-quality, accurate and unbiased information, presented in a clear way.

Sadly, much of today’s crypto-journalism is far from independent and user-centred. On the one hand you have the traditionally-corrupt paradigm of media owned by entities with a vested interest in providing biased information and content (in the case of cryptocurrency, fund managers and market-making entities); on the other the intrusive and obnoxious advertising-revenue model.

As is the case with such aggressive business models, the first thing to suffer is the content. Too often it is hard to find good content without first having to wade through masses of poorly-researched and badly-written space-filler and marketing hype.

With the advent of Bitcoin one of the many areas touted as ripe for disruption is the business of online publishing. The idea is that micropayments will be able to provide revenue for publishers and content creators, in the place of intrusive advertising. So why are so many crypto-news outlets following the outdated advertising model? is ad-free and always will be. Graphics and links for banner areas on the website are chosen by virtue of their informative value. The website will never enter into any third-party advertising contracts or generate pay-per-click advertising revenue.

Today users can tip articles with Reddcoin, and further micropayment channels will be considered to support the business. As the website develops opportunities for sponsorship may be forthcoming, but the user-experience will never be compromised: in this case a dedicated sponsors page (which a user will only be able to access and view by specifically choosing to do so) could be envisaged.

The goal is to build a 21st-century online publisher that is totally focussed on quality content and user experience.