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GoUrl.io Review ‒ Reddcoin payments for Entrepreneurs

There are some rogue operators in crypto-land. You may be interested in altcoins and looking to get your hands on some, but you almost certainly get the impression that trading sites are risky. The exchanges seem, in many ways, dangerous to the unfamiliar (even to the familiar!). They are littered with debris from the explosion of crypto’s popularity. This rapid rise has left a trail of slowly dying altcoins and the trollbox propaganda machine is a minefield of half truths and double talk. People who might be interested in getting some coins are concerned and hesitant. One might wade through the maze of failures and dead-ends only to have an exchange go belly-up, a scoundrel CEO absconding with his clients’ hard-won gains.

No wonder then that the lay-man, interested in crypto despite these troubles, might wish to side-step exchanges entirely. One solution is to earn coins directly, instead of buying and trading them. The great news is that for Reddcoin enthusiasts getting paid has come a long way. Early reddrepreneurs would have to set up a manual transaction, advertising their acceptance of RDD and then getting the buyer to contact them to arrange payment. This is a simple, if slow and labour-intensive way to go about it but will still work if all you want to do is make people aware that you can accept Reddcoin.

If you wanted to go a step further – to actually attract people with Reddcoin to spend and make it quick and easy for them to do that – well your time has come. The availability of APIs for Reddcoin has stimulated expansion on the commercial side of things. We see now a smoother integration of point-of-sale RDD transactions and vendors can accept Reddcoin fairly seamlessly.


One website that is aiming to make sleek and convenient payment available to more altcoins is GoUrl.io. This week I played with their options and have come to the conclusion that it is possible, and easy, to make Reddcoin not just available on your website, but anywhere. There are three options when you visit their site: the Monetizer, the Cryptocoin Payment Box and the Cryptocoin Captcha.

I focussed on the Monetizer option because, as a creative type, I love the idea of people paying to unlock files. The implications are pretty easy to understand. If you are a musician you could offer mp3s; a visual artist could make a tidy living from high-res images, allowing users to get them printed off for themselves at their preferred printshop. If you have a flare for design you could lock a suite of logos or fonts for sale.


As a writer I immediately saw the potential to self-publish e-books and articles. Rather than saddling the unwitting public with my sci-fi masterpiece, I decided to monetize a recipe I’ve been making as a way to discover how it all works. The file you upload could really be anything but the exciting part is the way GoUrl locks it and puts up a new url to ask for payment first. That makes it shareable on not just your own website, but just about anywhere: Facebook, Twitter, forums, irc. Those markets are now unlocked as surely as your content is secured.

For a digital goods producer, that kind of access is very alluring, and as a Reddcoin fan I am delighted that GoUrl looks beyond bitcoin and also accepts some other crptocurrency such as Litecoin, Vericoin and others.


The creation of locked content is simple to do. A webform asks for some info: the url of the hosted file, your wallet address for receiving payment and there is even an optional text box to show post-purchase, to thank buyers or pass on important info, terms and conditions, etc. You set the amount you’d like to receive, either in the crypto you’ve chosen or in US dollars. The prices are automatically converted using live exchange data, updating every thirty minutes.

After all this info is added, a short url is created for you to share. As purchases are made, the real location of the file is shown to buyers and money gets deposited into your wallet. As someone wary of any one holding my coins but me, I’m glad to see per-transaction payment. What I’m paid comes straight to me and, in the case of Reddcoin, can start staking.

If you went the other route and used either Cryptocoin Payment Box or Cryptocoin Captcha, you would have on your account page a tally of purchases. With Monetize this doesn’t happen. My tally of purchases is made up of the email notifications I receive when purchases are made. These emails show the tx id, so for my purposes that’s good enough, but you might want that overview.

Monetizer is a great option, particularly if you don’t have your own website, but if you do there are a whole host of other cool options that the Payment Box and Captcha give you. Pay-per-product and pay-per-download are self explanatory but you could get paid-per-post, or sell on a pay-per-registration basis and set up registered access to your website. You can use pay-per-page access to sell individual pages to unregistered visitors or even pay-per-membership allowing monthly or daily membership options.

This range of payment solutions really caters to just about anyone. I do love the exchanges but I can understand how some people would find them daunting. GoUrl makes it possible, even without your own website, to get some RDD in your wallet. It is quick and easy, and it looks professional. What more could you want? Monetize something today!